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Seattle sports performance training

Strength + Power + Speed + Agility +
Nutrition + Energy System Development +
Injury Prevention

My belief is that strength and conditioning is the backbone of sports performance. My number one priority is making sure my Seattle sports performance clients are educated, healthy, strong and competitive.

I provide a safe and challenging environment that guides my clients towards developing their full physical and mental potentials.

Exercise technique and injury prevention is of paramount importance. Education, strength and power training, sports specific conditioning, speed and agility movement development, flexibility, and good nutrition practices are the focal points of my programs.

Specific attention to individual strengths and weaknesses are always addressed.

What is Sports Performance Training?

How does Sports Performance Training differ from the traditional training methods used by personal trainers? Sport Performance Training is true functional training with the ultimate goal of improving an individual’s performance in his/her sport and in life.

Intensity, duration and frequency of all exercise, whether it is weightlifting, plyometric training, speed and agility work or cardiovascular training is tailored to the specific endurance and power requirements of each individual’s chosen activity or sport.


What can I do for you?

I hold a certified strength and conditioning specialist certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. This is the top certification in the fitness field and is the only certification accepted by universities and professional sports organizations when hiring a strength and conditioning coach.  You must have a college bachelor’s degree in order to take the test for the CSCS (certified strength and conditioning specialist).

Player Sports Performance in Seattle prides itself on custom tailoring all of its training programs to each client’s strengths and weaknesses.

All exercises are based on the functional movements of each particular sport/activity and focus on primary energy systems used in athletics, recreation, and in life.

One does NOT have to be a professional athlete in order to get results. All clients from the true novice to professional athlete will benefit from my training. I believe everyone is an athlete, regardless of whether you’re competing in sport or participating in life.

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