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Mike’s Training Testimonials

Racing a twin-trapeze skiff requires strength, coordination, and endurance, all of which must be maintained for several hours over the course of a race. The training program that Mike designed to meet this challenge has had a tremendous impact on my overall strength, fitness, and competitiveness on the water. He is highly knowledgeable and consistently insightful. Mike is an inspiring coach who has helped to raise my performance several levels. I would highly recommend Mike’s holistic approach to power and strength training to anyone wishing to realize their full athletic potential.
– Alan Diercks, PhD., International-14 USA 1159

I have worked with Mike for over 5 years. I have prior sports injuries to my shoulder and knee. No matter how I am feeling when I come to the gym, Mike is able to develop a exercise routine for me that allows me to safely work out. When I leave the gym, I always feel better than when I came. As a physician, I appreciate Mike’s understanding of exercise physiology. As a client, I appreciate that he is continually changing the routines, and he makes coming to the gym fun. When I turned 49 he taught me how to play basketball. I have been playing for 3 years. That is what I call fun!
– Terry Mayberg, MD., Mother of Two

Mike is an intense workaholic who pushes me to the edge of my limits. Every time I leave the gym I can barely move! His energy is contagious and with that he pushes me to become a better athlete.
– Jamie Johnson, Basketball, Seattle University

Mike and I started working together in the summer of my junior year of high school. He helped me put on 15 lbs of muscle in 4 months and got me ready for my senior year. I received a full scholarship to the University of Wyoming in my senior year for track and field. Mike was a huge part in helping me achieve my scholarship. He prepared me not only for competing in track and field, but also for the intense training schedule at the college level.
– Tommy Sheriff, University of Wyoming, Track and Field

Mike has given me more than just solid workouts. He is a coach in every way and has helped not only get my body in shape but my mind as well. Mike’s expert training knowledge and strong motivating personality has helped me achieve more than I ever thought possible through personal training. With Mike as my guide, I have the confidence to reach deeper and push myself further than I ever could alone. My workouts and results have been better than I ever could have hoped for from a personal trainer. Without training sessions with Mike, I would just be a sad sack of wet clothes.
– Nick Harmer, Professional Musician

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